Darren Gilbert has a profound love of Australia’s environment and strives to live in harmony with it. No sharp lines define the border between his existence and that of the surrounding landscape of his Highlands home and studio/ workshop. Inside the studio, there are remarkably detailed drawings of native birds in various stages of completion, from the small preliminary sketches through to large black-and-white ink works. But, as Darren explains, the theme of Australia’s flora, fauna, and terrain are central to both the rustic metal sculptures and the ultra-precise, monochrome drawings of wildlife. At the large workshop, scattered around are rust flavoured sculptures in various shapes, sizes and construction. A beautiful old wooden shack, looking like it's from a bygone era, sits in amongst the sculptures, the workshop and a large stand of gum tress, the original inspiration for Darren's rust sculptures.

2022 Exhibitions and Events
Open Studio’s Highlands - Darren Gilbert.
5th Saturday & 6th Sunday February.
5th Saturday & 6th Sunday March.
Please note: will be closed on a Total Fire Ban Day.
Up to date changes on Open Studio dates on this website.
10.00 am to 4.00 pm each day.
2742 Highlands Road, Highlands. VIC. 3660.

A unique studio experience in the Strathbogie Ranges, 1 1/2 hours from Melbourne.
An inspirational environment where both art and sculpture come to life in a beautiful scenic countryside studio.
Have the opportunity to see and purchase hand crafted artworks and sculptures direct from the artist.
Spring, summer and autumn open every first weekend of the month.

Keep up to date with Open Studio days and times on this website and my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Whats New?

Bird artwork
Flora artwork

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